22 January 2011

Leftover Funny Christmas Cartoons in January

Check out some silly cartoons about what happened this year: BP, Wikileaks, Santa and the economy.

From Denny: So I'm sifting through all the dozens of posts in draft on each blog to discover some gems that should see the light of day. Somehow, these Christmas season cartoons seem even more poignant after the holidays.

China basically owns America with over a trillion in debt.  So what did they do this week?  They came for a visit to check on their investment like any good banker.  Hmmm... that might also explain the million home foreclosures waiting in the hopper for this month alone - and the 15 million that have already taken place.  But then bankers were never known for having any compassion for others.

And then there's WikiLeaks throwing a monkey wrench into all the doings of world governments.  They sure have had a wild ride this year, keeping us all entertained.

Big Business pushed hard this last Christmas season to promote the day after Thanksgiving holiday - Black Friday.  It's the one day of the year businesses big and small wait for to see if they will make a profit for the year.  The big retailer associations even went to the trouble of bluffing the media and the public, crowing how great all the shopping was this season.  What a bunch of silly.

By early January they were 'fessing up how they were BS artists and it turned out the season was just short of dismal.  Uh, yeah, when you continue to send thousands of jobs overseas and about 20 million people are still out of work for years now - 20 percent of your country's work force - yeah, shopping is going to be down with the rest of the economy.  When people have decent paying jobs they spend money and the economy is booming.  Take away the jobs, the decent pay and people quit spending.  Quit spending and the economy goes on life support.

And then there was the BP Oil Spill Disaster for which the Gulf Coast economy is still paying dearly.  The fishing industry has yet to rebound.  Who's going to want to eat seafood from a place where the alligators are washing up orange, the color of crude oil?

That $20 billion claims fund that BP was supposed to pay out turned out to be an Obama Hoax.  What really happened is that Obama sided with BP, even allowing this multi-national corporation to take away an American citizen's legal rights if they accept the pittance payments.  Well, in Louisiana, we have Napoleonic Code law and you can't sign away your legal rights even if you are coerced into signing a document.  The courts won't accept it.  Is it any wonder lawyers in other states don't want to practice law in Louisiana?  But hey, a Louisiana lawyer can practice in Quebec, Canada and France and other countries with the same system of French law.  And people are always saying that New York City is a separate country - and then there's Louisiana. :)

Bruce Beattie

Quick! Rush to the shopping mall! And while you are at it make sure to run over your neighbor during the season of goodwill...

Robert Ariail

Steve Kelley

Clay Bennett

Signe Wilkinson

Gary Varvel

Lisa Benson

Drew Sheneman

Rob Rogers

Clay Bennett

I warned you Facebook was a bad bet with all their privacy violations.  Now they are selling your information to Santa and his elves!

Moderately Confused

Rob Rogers

And a few words from the crabby lady about the economy:

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