28 February 2010

Outrageous: 8.8 Chilean Earthquake 500 Times More Powerful than Haiti

From Denny: Yesterday, the country of Chile experienced a mind-numbing 8.8 magnitude earthquake. It tore apart over 1.5 million homes, bridges and highways in central Chile. Over 90 aftershocks followed. The 8.8 earthquake was felt 1,800 miles away in Sao Paulo, Brazil to the east.

In the capitol city of Santiago, 200 miles away and to the northeast from the epicenter (which was out at sea off the coast), there was damage:

Santiago airport with smashed windows, collapsed walkways, torn ceilings
Fine Arts Museum, badly damaged
several hospitals, no details as to damage

Chile's main seaport, in Valparaiso about 75 miles from Santiago:

two oil refineries shut down production - to restart large plants like this can take a month.
copper mines shut down production

The city of Concepcion was hardest hit along with the major port city of Talcahuano. With a major port damaged like this it could be difficult to get supplies to those most in need.

Haiti's was a 7.0 magnitude. The point spread doesn't sound like much until you realize that the difference is 500 times greater in ferocity. It's amazing any buildings are standing and more people were not killed. Right now that's about 708 in estimates because the Chilean Navy did not warn coastal villagers of an impending tsunami right after the earthquake. They did not have time to flee to the hills and many died needlessly.

Chile's coastal areas devastated by the large waves:

San Juan Bautista village on Robinson Crusoe Island
The port of Talcahuano
Vichato in the BioBio region

The surge of Pacific Ocean water affected 53 nations as they posted tsunami warnings. Hawaii dodged the negative effects of tsunami waves but they were prepared. They warned and evacuated for the "just in case" scenario. Hilo International Airport was closed as a precaution because it is located on the shore.

By today, it was estimated that over two million people have been displaced from their homes. They have not yet given figues on how many businesses are shut down and how many people are out of work. Like in Haiti, these may prove to be dire times for Chile. Why does the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, not accept immediate help from other countries like America who are standing by with rescue teams and relief efforts? As it has proven difficult in Haiti to setup and feed three million displaced people, so it will prove a problem in Chile in the coming weeks. It's best to jump on that problem now rather than wait.

For those with electricity in Chile, this is the news they awoke to find about the earthquake, raw news footage:

Assessing the damage done to historical sites:

From ITN News an aerial view of the devastation:

Here is video of looting. Do you think these people watched all the news coverage about Haiti and realized it will be weeks - if ever - before help arrives? Most people would loot for food and supplies too, knowing help may not come in time.

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27 February 2010

Funny Political Cartoons: Political Olympics, Broken Government, Lampooning Toyota - 27 Feb 2010

From Denny: This week the cartoonists were bearing down on the corruption in our politics - mainly from Big Business, Big Banks, Big Health Insurance and the Republicans. The President's Health Summit fizzled because of the silly Republicans who thought they were endearing themselves to the insurance companies. They did not endear themselves to the American public.

See: Republicans Smash Health Care Summit, Snub Prez Obama

Toyota - and their cavalier attitude toward public safety - did not escape their scorching pens either. When Toyota's President Akio Toyoda finally showed up to testify and apologize before the American Congress, there were actually newscasters in Japan questioning that Toyoda's predicament was the result of American politics. Are they crazy? Toyota's own emails and memos denounced them as the conniving deceitful greedy businessmen they truly are. They have been hiding evidence of serious defects for decades from the American government and the public who trusted them and their product.

So, my question back at the so-called journalists in Japan: How many of you are bought and paid for by Toyota or the Japanese government? Toyota made their mess all on their own. They just regret finally getting caught and having to answer for their crimes against the public. Lives have been lost due to their cavalier attitude.

Olympic cartoons still abound, especially in regard to Obama and The Party of No! and what a feat it is to medal gold around this cantankerous bunch. Politics really is an Olympic sport: you have the reckless thugs and those trying to display some classy attitude as they compete.

Tiger Woods still roasts on the fire of most people's lips and the cartoonists' furious pens. His third sponsor dropped him this week: Gatorade. Tiger is watching his $500 million in sponsor deals do a slow motion evaporation in spite of his half-hearted insincere efforts.

The man is obviously mentally or emotionally ill and in need of a long rest away from the spotlight. I have yet to hear of a cure for narcissism so the jury is still out on whether he can regain any one's trust now that he was outted by his mistresses. It's a lot less about sex and more about trust and good character as to why so many people are now turned off to him. Usually, when you see a celebrity fall apart all at once like this it's because the longer it goes on the more difficult it is to hide the issues.

Broken Government:

Politics and the Olympics metaphor:

The Chinese and American governments continue to spar over Taiwan and the Dalai Lama. Hey, they wanted to be our credit card bankers, buying up that humongus debt, what more do they want? Google sex toys?

China Dragon vs. American Eagle

Toyota is spinning out of control in America. They parade out apologies instead of real solutions because they are too cheap to pay for them. They are arrogant enough to believe they will dominate the American auto market again. Uh, guys, news flash: You are toast. Pack up your cars and go home. Toyota used car sales are plummeting and will remain so for years as a result of your idiot strategies. Glad I don't own one. Any one who does had better ride it until the wheels fall off or trade it quickly for something far more road worthy.

Toyota Ads:

Wait for it... wait for it... here it is: The Tiger Woods Apology Cartoons:

And from the regular guys' perspective - you know, all of us who feel our government and business we work for just don't hear us - these cartoons are for you:

The Olympic cartoons are not yet out in full force but this one recounts the time when there was not a dry eye in the house when this Canadian skater, Joannie Rochette, won the Bronze medal in ladies' figure skating after her mother suddenly died of a heart attack just two days before the event. It really shows an Olympic fortitude you have to admire even if she didn't receive the gold. She got the gold in so many people's hearts all around the world.

Best Olympic moment:

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26 February 2010

Funny Talented Dancing Traffic Cop

From Denny: You are going to enjoy this talented guy. He finds ways to chase away the boredom of the job - and stays in shape doing it!

This video comes from CBS Sunday Morning show. They had profiled the Rhode Island, USA, traffic officer back last summer. CBS followed up with comedian Mo Rocca interviewing him this past Christmas season.

Here I am in February - and still laughing!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

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25 February 2010

16 Funny Blissful Sleepers Photos

From Denny: Writing posts requires good photos, right? Got a little over inspired yesterday and went through over 2,500 photos over at flickr for my Cheeky Quote Day post at The Social Poets. It also took 9 hours to pull the post together, whew! Well, as long as I was at it I thought I might as well share on this blog too.

These are the best photos from the Creative Commons area, some who made the cut for the larger post and those who didn't. I loved them all! :) From animals to people we all have sleep in common. And the way we look while we sleep sometimes... soft and sweet to just plain silly. Take a look!

Sleeping lion Photo by travlinman43 @ flickr

Polar bear asleep on edge of a cliff Photo by wili_hybrid @ flickr

Sleeping boy at the table where sometimes sleep wins out over food Photo by indi.ca @ flickr

Sleeping toes Photo by therapycatguardian @ flickr

Sometimes sleep is an elusive fantasy Photo by Ashikin Abdullah @ flickr

Working hard all day and finally at rest Photo by Meanest Indian @ flickr

Belly up and asleep in total abandon cat Photo by kaibara87 @ flickr

Father and son asleep Photo by jessicafm @ flickr

Baby asleep on "2 sleep" Photo by treehouse1977 @ flickr

Sleeping Beauty capnapping Photo by Clearly Ambiguous @ flickr

Asleep on the keyboard Photo by Scott McLeod @ flickr

Let my body art do the talking while I catch some Zzzzs Photo by malias @ flickr

Fishermen asleep, caught up as much in their nets as in their dreams Photo by wili_hybrid @ flickr

Cat blissfully squeezed between 2 chairs photo by Leonid Mamchenkov @ flickr

Two heads are better than one when asleep; we dream more Photo by B*2 @ flickr

Cat asleep in a frying pan Photo by dominiqs @ flickr

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