25 February 2010

16 Funny Blissful Sleepers Photos

From Denny: Writing posts requires good photos, right? Got a little over inspired yesterday and went through over 2,500 photos over at flickr for my Cheeky Quote Day post at The Social Poets. It also took 9 hours to pull the post together, whew! Well, as long as I was at it I thought I might as well share on this blog too.

These are the best photos from the Creative Commons area, some who made the cut for the larger post and those who didn't. I loved them all! :) From animals to people we all have sleep in common. And the way we look while we sleep sometimes... soft and sweet to just plain silly. Take a look!

Sleeping lion Photo by travlinman43 @ flickr

Polar bear asleep on edge of a cliff Photo by wili_hybrid @ flickr

Sleeping boy at the table where sometimes sleep wins out over food Photo by indi.ca @ flickr

Sleeping toes Photo by therapycatguardian @ flickr

Sometimes sleep is an elusive fantasy Photo by Ashikin Abdullah @ flickr

Working hard all day and finally at rest Photo by Meanest Indian @ flickr

Belly up and asleep in total abandon cat Photo by kaibara87 @ flickr

Father and son asleep Photo by jessicafm @ flickr

Baby asleep on "2 sleep" Photo by treehouse1977 @ flickr

Sleeping Beauty capnapping Photo by Clearly Ambiguous @ flickr

Asleep on the keyboard Photo by Scott McLeod @ flickr

Let my body art do the talking while I catch some Zzzzs Photo by malias @ flickr

Fishermen asleep, caught up as much in their nets as in their dreams Photo by wili_hybrid @ flickr

Cat blissfully squeezed between 2 chairs photo by Leonid Mamchenkov @ flickr

Two heads are better than one when asleep; we dream more Photo by B*2 @ flickr

Cat asleep in a frying pan Photo by dominiqs @ flickr

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