12 June 2010

Obamas Kick Ass Comments Cartoons - 12 June 2010

*** Obama takes hits for speaking the truth about the screw ups of Big Business, military and government heads not giving America their "A" game.

From Denny: Of course, the Republicans create crazy things to throw on to the political wall, hoping it will stick. This time no one is interested in their unpatriotic haranguing while the country is in serious crisis.

No one down on the Gulf Coast cares if the President is emoting proper righteous anger or not. What we want is to made whole from the damage. What we want is some serious hard-charging clean up efforts that have yet to materialize. Actor Kevin Costner has what it takes, could have supplied it from the first day, could have kept the oil from coming ashore and yet still the politicians wrangle. The media worries about Obama being angry enough or who's in charge or how much BP should pay. What is wrong with all these people? Is common sense no longer commonly written into American DNA?

Part of the economy and environment is dying a slow torturous death while the politicians make merry with the war of words. At this point, the Republicans and their mouth organ, Liar News aka Fox News, should just "Shut the F up!" The Gulf Coast is not interested in Republican politicians grand-standing while they gear up to run for President in 2012.

There was a time when Americans had their heads screwed on straight and actually cared about how best to govern. It's time to set aside all this self-absorption and selfishness and learn to govern again, doing what's right for the majority of America again.

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