08 June 2010

Funny: Actresses Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johannson Kiss at MTV Movie Awards

*** How a photo can look like more than it is.

From Denny: MTV Movie Awards do so like controversy and girl kisses between actresses so Sandra Bullock obliged. Bullock was receiving the Generation Award. Bullock looked absolutely amazing.

Of course, when you watch the video you will see the huge gulf in perception between the photo and the actual kiss. Amazing, huh? :)

What you have to admire about her is how she marches forward in her life no matter how much disappointment and betrayal in her love life. She is tenacious and still has her great sense of humor that helped propel her to star status in Hollywood. Bullock received a standing ovation from the crowd.

What I most appreciated was her reference to those of us in the Gulf region dealing with this BP oil spill environmental mess. Kudos to you, Sandra, for reminding everyone to keep their eye on the ball and pressure BP to pay up to America. Thank you.

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