12 June 2010

Funny Video: BP Creates Rich Fish in Gulf Oil Spill

*** Mocking BP: An idiot public relations BP talking head points out the up side to the oil leak: the fish are rich!

From Denny: Yet another clever mocking strategy from the comedy corner of YouTube. The spin from the PR guys is that BP didn't spill oil but rather they are just spreading the wealth around: especially on your American beaches. Louisiana fish are rich because they are covered in oil.

After all, the standard of living is low in Louisiana (actually not true as since Hurricane Katrina it's now as much as 7 percent higher than everywhere else in America but never mind, the comedians are having fun with mocking BP not us). BP believes that Louisiana fish should be glad to have a few extra dollars in their gills to spend since now they are "rich fish."

Bully for you, comedy boy, keep on mocking those idiot BP execs along with the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy group.

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*** Boycott BP photo from Rusty Boxcars @ flickr and free for use through Creative Commons. Join the Boycott BP group at Flickr today!

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