07 February 2010

Popular Posts 2009 at OOOAO Humor Blog, Thank You!

Cool water to kill the heat of that hot pepper photo by Tambako the Jaguar @ flickr

From Denny: This year has been a wild ride for comedy! Plenty of politics to lampoon and plenty of ordinary people doing some really dumb things - and caught on tape doing it. And I haven't even gotten around to posting all those dumb criminals videos, you know, like the burglur guy who tries to go down a chimney, gets stuck and calls 911 on his cell phone. :)

These were all the most popular posts since the summer when I found a couple of sites to help keep track of them.

Thank you for all your support this year! It's been fun tripping over funnies and posting them here. Who knows what goodies I'll find next? Stay tuned...

Ouch Outrageous: How the Christmas Tree Angel Really Got to the Top

Funny Essay on Why Santa Must Really Be A Woman

5 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes, Photos

10 Outrageous Glenn Beck Quotes That Prove Insanity

21 Funny Thanksgiving Fighting Turkey Photos

9 Funny Socially Inappropriate Store Signs

Ouch! Category: The Worm Has Turned - very popular cartoon with women.

Outrageous Cartoon: Miscommunication Among the Elderly

Outrageous Category: Toilet Humor

Strange, Unusual, Bizarre and Funny Photos!

25 Funny Quotes about Jokes and Politics

Video: Funniest Sarcastic Answering Machine Message Newly Released for ALL School Systems

Ouch AND Outrageous: Funny Scary Man Photos

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 27 September 2009

10 Funny Cute Cat Quotes and Cat Cartoon

Video: Fun Campy Video Version of Song 'Do You Love Me' From Dirty Dancing Movie

Photos: Funny Food Flags From International Food Festival

4 Videos: Funny Speakers at Kennedys Irish Wake

How Senator Ted Kennedy Affected Your Life

Video: Comedian Bill Maher on Republican Think Tanks

Funny Ted Kennedy Quote

Funny Photo: They foreclosed? Bastards!

Odd Funny Photo: Way to Hide in Plain Sight

2 Funny Illusion Photos

Cheeky Quote Day! at The Social Poets

Video: That Pack of Cigarettes Cost How Much???

Video: 1 of 9 Worst Products of All Time - Comfort Wipe

Odd Viral Video: Wedding Entrance Dance

Cheeky Quote Day! 19 March 2009

Ouch Category: Retired Fighter Pilot Joke

Odd Video: Japan's Oldest Porn Star

Video: 9 of 9 Worst Products of All Time - Aroma Trim

Video: Bruno (Comedian Cohen) Talks to Real Terrorist!

Video: 4 of 9 Worst Products of All Time - Boobs Kush Support

Video: 3 of 9 Worst Products of All Time - BumpIts, Hair Volumizing Inserts

Video: 2 of 9 Worst Products of All Time - Seat Belt Tiddy Bear

Video: Police in Paradise - Making Out in Front of Dangerous Prisoner

Ouch Video: Man and Car Wash Vacuum Having Sex Plus Commentary

Obnoxious: Frito Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks

Video: Thrillicious Dancing Lizards Ad

Odd Video: Weird News - Pig Parade, Stupid Racoon, 4th of July Weird Safety Video

Video: Independence Day Trivia

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