18 May 2009

It's a Hot Day on the Farm When...

From Denny: Start off your work week with a few chuckles! Found this recently. The hot weather is unusually early here, even for Louisiana! When I ran across this it was actually funnier in context after reading the author's bio.

She is a free lance writer who moved from Florida to Tennessee and it was a complete cultural shock. Why? Deborah Tukua and her family went from living in the suburbs to living on a true working farm! Her husband knew farm living as both sides of his family were farmers.

What she did not know was, well, everything! She had to learn from the beginning. She recorded all the little pearls of wisdom the locals gave her and eventually began to publish about her country living. Below is a segment, excerpted, that appeared in The Farmer's Almanac. Just click on the title link to go to her website for free recipes, a newsletter and her country living books.

"It's a Hot Day on the Farm When...

* A bear tries to give away his fur coat.

* Crows are wearing sunglasses.

* There are sun-dried tomatoes on the vine.

* The grapes in your grape vineyard turn to raisins.

* Canada geese head for Canada to cool off.

* Turles run across the road.

* Beavers start a forest fire chewing on wood.

* Beavers break out their surf boards.

* Popcorn pops on the stalk in the field.

* You harvest sauteed onions.

* The deer send employment applications to the North Pole.

* The thermometer is sweating.

* You remove the screens from your windows for more air.

* Fish in the pond are wearing sunscreen."

Quoted from Deborah Tukua

Photo by The Pug Father @ flickr

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