13 May 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 13 May 2009

Cheek Quote Day 13 May 2009

Every Wednesday is Cheeky Quotes Day! over at another one of my blogs: The Social Poets.

From the ABC network show This Week’s host, George Stephanopoulos, comes his evaluation of the best cheeky quotes from President Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner that raises money for charity by roasting the politicians.

Best lines from last night's White House Correspondents' Association dinner:


-"In the next 100 days I will learn to go off the prompter, and Joe Biden will learn to stay on the prompter."

-"In the next 100 days our bipartisan outreach will be so successful that even John Boehner will consider becoming a Democrat ... After all we have a lot in common. He is a person of color... although not a color that appears in the natural world."

-"In the next 100 days we will house train our dog Bo. Because the last thing Tim Geithner needs is someone else treating him like a fire hydrant."

-"We had been rivals during the campaign. But these days we could not be closer. In fact, the second she got back from Mexico, she pulled me into a hug and gave me a big kiss. Told me I had better get down there myself."

--"Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I do have to say, this is a tough holiday for Rahm because he is not used to saying the word 'day' after 'mother.'"

From YouTube, President Obama in two parts:

From YouTube, Comic Wanda Sykes:

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