22 May 2009

Odd Category: Show Me Your Belly!

From Denny: Just when you think you have heard it all, along comes a contest called "Show Me Your Belly!" for pets, of course.

Two bellies for the price of one! Photo from Krista Hendersen of boyfriend and puppy Chloe after Thanksgiving dinner.

Butter showing off her belly on the couch. At age 11 and blind, still a happy dog! Photo by Regina Gause.

Rupert in unstudied repose, belly galore. Photo by Jodie Fraser.

What would any contest be without a "beer belly"?

Balloo proudly showing off his superior beer belly. Photo by Britt Cooper.

To enter your favorite pet belly photo, just click on the title link. Show Me Your Belly! What will they think of next??? :)

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