04 May 2009

Video: Hannity Volunteers to be Waterboarded

From Denny: Keith Obermann of MSNBC News commenting "another conservative talking big and living small" when Sean Hannity was challenged to whether he would accept to be waterboarded since he did not consider it to be torture.

Hannity claimed he would do it for charity. Obermann threw it out there he would give Hannity $1,000 per second that Hannity lasted under the torture and also demanded he be waterboarded for 183 times to fully understand the experience Hannity thinks is not torture. Watch the video to find out if Hannity was man enough to do what he claimed was no big deal.

Why is this serious video and serious subject funny? You have got to watch the video all the way through to the end to hear the incredible explanation of what goes on in the minds of these cowardly conservatives. It boggles your mind that anyone could be that stupid! Rarely do I accuse someone of being stupid but this kind of thinking really does take the prize...

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