01 March 2010

30 Funny Creative Animal Ads

From Denny: The ad world goes crazy having fun in Photoshop. Take a look at the best of their humor to sell their clients' products and services. Be sure to check out the links for the larger size of the photos as you can view the detail better.

*** Which ads are your favorites that made you laugh the most?

Insecticide campaign ad - "Will work for food: No insects left" - larger size

Your neighborhood cow mowing his suburban lawn - Campaign for Viking Lawn Mowers "Nothing cuts grass better" - larger size

Campaign for a millet food for birds by Witte Molen - "Turns birdie into man's best friend" - larger size

Talk about wax the hair off to make you as smooth as the hairless cat - Campaign for a waxing company - larger size

Wannabe Owl trying to blend in with the cats to get in on some yummy snacks - larger size

Looks more like "who's for dinner?" - Travel campaign "Wildlife is waiting for you" - larger size

Funny octopus - Toyo tires for "gripping performance" on the road campaign - larger size

Hey, that leg is starting to look good to me, buddy! - "It's time to neuter your dog" campaign - larger size

Pork rules, baby! - "The temptation of pig" campaign - larger size

Come air out your fur coat, ladies, "It's time for a bit of Spring cleaning" campaign - larger size

Basically, "come have a crushingly good time at our wild place," campaign for The Zoo - "The wildest place in town" - larger size

Night shades hippo because he's had a longer night because of the longer park hours open to the public - Desert wildlife park "Now open until midnight" - larger size

"What's the worst that can happen?" Anti-drug campaign from Partnership for a Drug Free America, the rats of drug dealers in our society, AboveTheInfluence.com - larger size

Rats City - from Ducolax laxative - larger size

Climate change "The earth is heating up" campaign from BigAsk.be to sign a petition to ask the Belgian government for a strong a climate law - it's so hot the polar bears are taking off their fur - larger size

"Who will be top dog?" campaign from WorldDogGames.com and Purina Dog food, hitchhiking off the Olympics - larger size

Way cool lounging octupus on his day off, Beko refrigerator ad, "More room for your food" - larger size

Fashion glasses for dogs - "Only the most chic accessories can match a high quality fur" - larger size

Global warming from the World Wildlife Fund - "Help a homeless seal" - larger size

Your hard working cat that even does housework! - larger size

Fighting the sleep sheep - larger size

From Pro Wildlife Fund of Germany, "Help Mother Nature to fight back" against navy submarines and sonar waves which disrupt whale sonar, confuses and sickens them - larger size

Panda in a crashing Fiat, "Engineered for lower impact on the environment. The lowest CO2 emission car range in Europe." - larger size

Help protect dolphins from drift net fishing, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, "They can't afford to wait for evolution." - larger size

Funny Dog Dealing out the old shell game on the street corner "Animals need money too." - larger size

Mr. Muscle cleaner from Johnson products - larger size

The ultimate costume of "come as you are" costume bear - larger size

larger size photo - We make big fast.

This drink gives you this much power and energy! Mad Croc Whale - larger size

Hyundai funny ad of how fast they are, from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds - so fast your dog's tongue whips around his head before he can swallow - larger size

*** Which ads are your favorites that made you laugh the most?

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