27 July 2012

The Social Poets: John Stewart and Colbert Mock LIBOR Credit Card Scandal

The Social Poets: John Stewart and Colbert Mock LIBOR Credit Card Scandal: From Denny:  Want to learn more about just how deep the global banking scandal goes?  But we want to laugh our way through the tutorial, right?  Look no further as both national comedians are here to guide us through a couple of hilarious tutorials that will have you grinning so wide your house will split apart.

It will also make you want to get your shotgun (if you own one) and run right down to the "hallowed halls" of the financial sector and join the Occupy protesters.  Now, more than ever, have the protesters succeeded in convincing us that all credit card holders are just financial slaves, doomed to serve the whims of Big Bank Sluts and Congress Whores, both whose masters are Greed.

But first a couple of facts to bring you up to speed in case your eyes glaze over when the financial guys on the news start talking:

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