17 March 2014

A Truth Journal: Ukraine: Many Sins of Putin Have Sealed His Fate

Vladimir Putin - Olympic Host
Vladimir Putin - Olympic Host (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

A Truth Journal: Ukraine: Many Sins of Putin Have Sealed His Fate: Come On, Really? Fake Crimea Parliament and Referendum? 
How World Is Fighting Back

From Denny: 
First Putin appoints his Ukraine puppet government.  That same puppet then sets about to decimate down the 180,000 man Ukraine military to almost mere symbolic window dressing.

Then it's safe for Putin to invade and build his troops to massive strength to overwhelm the Ukraine military remnants that have been reorganized to a level of 6,000 combat ready veterans for a National Guard.

Remember, back in the 1994 treaty, Ukraine gave up its Soviet nuclear weapons, and, rightfully so, expect from the world more than just lip service and token sanctions against Russia.  With 200,000 Russian troops on their eastern border, Ukraine only has 41,000 infantry total remaining to defend themselves.  Their air force is outnumbered 100 to one.

Putin's most significant latest stupid move was to chase off the original regional government in Crimea.  He arbitrarily appointed his own yes men once his initial 16,000 armed masked men stormed the region.  Those troops are now swelled to 41,000 to 61,000 armed masked men holding hostage the entire country of 46 million.  It's now widely believed that it was Putin who sent in snipers to create the Feb. 18-20 bloodbath in Kiev that removed from power his own chosen Russian puppet Yanokovich.  Putin needed an excuse to invade and invade he did...

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