15 September 2009

Video: Comedian Bill Maher on Republican Think Tanks

From Denny: Today I'm in the mood for a little Bill Maher. His most recent video does not seem to be up on YouTube yet and I've never been much for just linking a video you can't watch right away without running off to yet open another window on yet another web site - such an inconvenience and time waster.

That said, I guess I'll leave the link anyway after this video in case you are in the mood to hear what he has to say about pushing President Obama along to getting tougher - and meaner - with the a$$hole Republicans who are only interested in getting attention and not running a world government with respect.

Here's the link to The Huffington Post Bill Maher video on the latest dust-up with Joe Wilson the Liar and how Maher thinks Obama needs to handle these screamers:

The Huffington Post Bill Maher video on Obama
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