27 September 2009

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 27 September 2009

From Denny: Well, this has been an eventful week! Looks like I will have to carry over the cartoon posting for tomorrow too as there are so many! Right now cartoonists are still taking stabs at the racists in this country, health care reform, Big Business and Big Banks, the Afghanistan War and the lack of civil discourse when it comes to solving America's problems.

The public needs the President to keep arm twisting any health care reform opposition. Just this week on Twitter there is a guy who claims to be a Marine and put up a story about how he doesn't want state run health care, advising everyone to reject it. So, I tweeted him with "...uh, your health care is provided by the state - why not for the rest of us?" Hmmmm... no reply. Gee, I wonder why. One suspicion is that it's a health care lobbyist or Republican war room account: "Do ya think?"

Enjoy these talented thought-provoking cartoonists:

In this last cartoon the President is depicted in his never-ending Decency Offensive that mean-spirited people find abusive. Talk about screwed up priorities. I thought I'd never see the day when kindness and decency would be so vociferously rejected as an evil. It really does make a person wonder just how much dementia is happening in America as none of this excessive bad attitude over trivial things makes any other sense than to call it mental illness or shriveling brains due to aging...

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