16 November 2009

9 Funny Socially Inappropriate Store Signs

From Denny: Nothing is better for a laugh than when a non-native English speaker decides to try and translate and then paints it in huge letters and parks it on a sign outside his store. It's a good laugh for those "in the know."

What's worse like the above sign? They are native English speakers and still don't get it! :) I mean, who is left in America that does not know the word cum spelled like that is so unacceptable in polite company???

The funniest get lost in translation from Chinese or Japanese into English as this one from San Francisco's Japantown district.

Do ya think they maybe meant to say it was a Good clothing store?

Can't wait to go try that hamburger joint. Oh, forget it, lost my appetite...

Having lived in Taiwan as a kid I know what they were really trying to say: The Happy Rooster, yeah, actually. Sure got lost in translation, now didn't it...

Can you imagine the look on the face of the guy who created the sign or the strange looks from on-lookers as they were installing it on the store front? Well, maybe not, it's in Germany.

Surely these folks are not serious... would not set foot in there no matter what. Maybe a simple Welcome sign might have been smarter.

Sure looks intentional, no letter missing. Someone might want to tell them...

And for a life-changing experience, feel free to visit the favorite establishment of Hannibal Lector. Reminds me of some of the funny signs I saw while vacationing in Greece.

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