26 November 2009

Ouch Rude Video: Mocking Martha Stewart

From Denny: Don't get me wrong; I like Martha Stewart. I also realize she has a huge ego and is often "over the top" just like powerful men get when they have more than their egos can handle wisely. Somehow, this was funny anyway! :)

From our friends over at South Park cartoons. These guys are mocking Martha Stewart. I like Martha Stewart and so do these guys in their own very cracked downright unbalanced way. They are having fun both with teaching others how to craft and the menopausal women doing socially inappropriate things that are, well, funny!

*** If you are sensitive to obnoxious humor or are a fellow woman you may not want to view this. One thing is for sure, only a male would have contemplated writing this video in this manner and then take the time to create it. Not exactly the kind of thing a woman would consider doing for humor.

I see a lot of these kinds of spoofs on high profile big ego people on the internet. Frankly, I'm surprised there isn't more as it looks like Martha gets off relatively easy. What is funny about it, though couched in crude terms, is the mocking of Martha taking adult women back to their kindergarten days of cut and paste - and making money off it - as she is basically mocking her own audience in so doing!

Guess this rude video qualifies for both the Ouch and Outrageous categories! :) Martha is probably secreting enjoying all the attention...

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