08 February 2012

Funny Joke From New Digg Follower

photo by mark j. sebastian

From Denny:  So, I'm checking my email updates from Digg about new followers.  Along comes this funny guy.  As his bio on the site he places this hilarious joke.  If you are a woman you are especially going to enjoy it.

Check it out:

When G-d was creating the human race, he lined up all the males on one side and all the females opposite. 

Then He asked, "Which of your species would like to urinate standing up?" 

Well, the males went crazy, shouting that they wanted to pee standing up. 

"Fine," says G-d, "Women get multiple orgasms."

                                  * * * 

Ain't Life grand? :)

Be sure to check out Lewis Burke as olddavidsonvil on Digg.  

My Digg hangout is Denny Lyon.  I was in the beta version of Digg and they managed to lose the account just like hundreds of others.  Anyway, in the process of rebuilding the account back up to previous levels.  Be glad for you to sign on as a follower and will do the same for you!

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