13 September 2009

Weird News: Strangest Pick-Up Line Known to Mankind

From Denny: This fool, Stephfon Bennett, with two other guys robbed a couple at their home this week. Bennett, a not very smart 20 year old guy, returns to the robbed home.

He decides he took a liking to this woman, Diana Martinez, that he just robbed:

Bennett proceeds to ask Martinez if she has a boyfriend (remember the guy he just robbed two hours ago in their home???) and then asks her to go out with him.

That has to take the prize on the weirdest pick-up line known to mankind - or this guy's idea of off-kilter romance!

Of course, Martinez was a smart woman. She recognized the robber and told her cousin to call 911. The police picked up Bennett but the two other robbers are still at large.

For the full news story at Columbus, Ohio's 10TV, go here.
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