02 April 2010

Funny Surfing Peruvian Alpaca

From Denny: Have you seen this docile alpaca on his surfboard catching a wave? His trainer is Domingo Pianezzi from Peru who has been training dogs to surf for the past ten years.

Alpacas are a species of camelid and are also different than llamas. Alpacas are basically not used for much of anything other than their fine fiber for clothing. Guess that's what makes them the perfect candidate for learning how to surf. They are not as independent as llamas and prefer to be part of the herd. So, "where you go, I go" is their motto - even if it means trying to balance on a weird surfboard flying on top of the water.

Watch as this camelid tries to hang with his human herd, learning how to stand on his own. He looks pretty cool as he sits on the board as his human paddles out into the ocean to catch a wave. It's amazing he is as calm as he is. I guess being "part of the crowd" is more important than fear of the weird and unfamiliar. One of the funniest difference between alpacas and llamas is that llamas have been used to guard the very chilled much smaller alpacas.

If you would like to learn more about alpacas and llamas, maybe even get one as a pet, check out this site: Owning-Alpaca

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