06 April 2010

Outrageously Dumb Criminals: Robbers Called Bank For Money To Go

This weird hair style says it all about dumb criminals...

From Denny: Last month in Fairfield, Connecticut, a couple of not-so-smarts called up their local bank. They told the bank they were robbing them and to have the money ready when they got there to take it away like it was a fast food restaurant window.

You always hear from police about how dumb criminals can be. They must have had quite a laugh about these guys. If there was an award for the criminal version of the biggest fish story this one had to take the prize.

Here's what happened: Police said they had ample warning to catch the bank robbers. The robbers called the bank ahead of time and told an employee to get a big bag of money ready for them when they arrived.

Can you imagine what that employee must have thought? Would you believe that phone call was actually credible? I wonder how many people would have ignored it and not even related the occurance to management. Well, I guess, even the banks have "stupid phone call" policies and it was passed on to the proper authorities.

Can you now imagine how funny it was when the manager called the police to report a robbery before it happened because the criminals called ahead and said they were on their way?

The unfortunate would be robbers were Albert Bailey, 27, and an unidentified 16 year old boy who were residents of a neighboring town, Bridgeport. They were arrested on robbery and threatening charges for trying to rob People's United Bank in Fairfield. Turns out the two robbers showed up about 10 minutes after making the call to the bank demanding their big bag of money.

I like what the arresting officer, Sgt. James Perez, said of the two suspects as the police met the robbers in the bank parking lot, recalling them as "not too bright." Do ya think?

I just wonder if they were smart enough to lawyer up. And yet another "Can you imagine?" question: Who would want to represent these silly guys?

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