19 April 2010

Outrageous Tea Party Tax Signs and the Perverted Fools That Carry Them

From Denny: This past week the Tea Party was out in full force doing their usual antics. Many thought they could spell and make awesome political statements most profound on their signs.

Yes, folks, these people were actually caught in public wielding these idiot signs no self-respecting orangutan would venture. I know animals at the zoo smarter than these people who claim to be human.

It's a sad day when America is reduced to this excuse for political discourse. But then again, humor blogs like mine are thrilled for the easy lob over the net they handed me for an hilarious post! After all, it's only fair: they mock liberals so it's our turn to mock them. And they made it so very easy because they really mocked themselves. And I have the photos to prove it:

Oh, look! A Fox "News" employee seen carrying booster signs for the Network of Fools:

And who died and made this guy God of the Universe? Like God really told him this. "Do ya think?" he could be cousin to TV televangelist Pat Hate Them All Robertson? Rather amazing just how much God gets misquoted - and always by the meanest people?

The very reason these people are so screwed up: they can't spell! And the news media is trying to convince us these guys are mostly college graduates??? Uh, they should get their money back from those lame colleges if that is true...

So, they are proud to be stupid, ignorant and suffering from a lack of curiosity to find out the truth and get their facts straight? These guys specialize in being contentious, not smart nor interested in solving the problems of the country they claim to love. Well, if they loved this country they would be more respectful to their President and their fellow Americans who are also represented by the same flag. You can't respect a symbol and not respect the very people who are that symbol. It's disingenuous. Republican political strategists: playing destructive games as usual.

Have you noticed what is wrong with this photo? This racist doesn't have a "Kick me, I'm too stupid to read and find out the facts" sign pinned to his shirt so he can find his way home.

Last time I checked Jesus Christ said, "Do not resent or hold back the taxes you owe to your government: Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's."

This nurse has been working waaaay too many hours:

Ah, the Cult of the Brainwashed:

Uh, yeah, lady, your Republican Party is the government group that paid for all those pole dances at the strip club with your donations - while Democratic Speaker Pelosi was home, fully clothed, minding her own business and watching over her grand kids. Hmmm... "Do ya think?" we have a morality divide going on?

More from the Cult of the Brainwashed who believed the lies Sarah Palin told them about the health care bill contained Death Panels for the government to kill your grandparents. "Do ya think?" they could bother to actually read the health care bill to realize there were no Death Panels whatsoever in the new health care bill just passed? Did they flunk Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking 101?

A vulgar pun on the word "dictator." These guys must have dementia. Last time I checked elections vote in a President. Dictators use military coups to take over governments. These guys are just angry they don't get to be the dictators. They are angry because no one takes them seriously any more. They make selfish decisions that only benefit a few wallets and then wonder why no one listens to their madman ravings.

Let me see if I get this right: "Obama wants to take away our guns." Let's try this again, folks. Obama gets a flunking grade from those groups who do want to take guns out of the hands of crazy fools like these Tea Party wing nuts. Yet another lie believed by the Non-Thinkers. It really makes you wonder if we should start making people pass IQ tests before allowing them into the voting booth for the next election. That ought to give them something to howl about for sure.

All this recent polls and news coverage garbage that the average Tea Party person is college educated is more stupidity from the media wanting to use the Tea Party for their outrageous wing nut image to promote news viewership. How can anyone graduate college without good reading comprehension? Come on; try again, oh, marketing gurus.

Starbucks was offended when people wearing guns came into their coffee shops and banned them. There was a big fury over it. So, this guy thinks he's funny and does not have to respect the business owners' rules. He can just make up the rules as he goes along and everyone is expected to obey him because he's the one wearing the gun. Think again, wing nut. Point that gun at me and I'll take that as an invitation to take it away from you - and I ain't talking about making new gun laws either.

More from the Cult of the Brainwashed of lying "facts" probably cut and pasted off of the Fox "News" site or other domestic terrorist militia sites. This sign is such an idiot thinking statement there is nothing to do but spit on it for its inane inaccuracies:

Oh, look at this zoo of pretend Christians. The reason Republicans so hate Speaker Nancy Pelosi is because she was tough enough to get almost 300 bills passed in the House, turning the screamer Republicans on their ears. Notice how the Republicans use poisonous character assassination politics to further their agendas to regain political power. These people and their toxic followers always turn on fellow Americans, don't care about fellow Americans, issue death threats against fellow Americans and deny respect to other fellow Americans but demand respect for themselves. What's wrong with this picture? Answer: a lot!

More from the Sarah Palin Fan Club of Fools. Hmmm... so where were these "concerned citizens about America's debt" when George Bush was in office for eight long years? He took a country in the black to a country owing trillions of dollars in only a year of his "stewardship." Why were these same Tea Party people not riled up and angry about Bush and Cheney spending their tax dollars recklessly? Somehow, all this rhetoric about hating taxes is just a smoke screen for wanting someone to abuse, hate and use for their personal punching bags like typical abusers.

The Lying Liars and the Liars Who Love Them = Tea Party and Republican Party:

Woman, if you are a domestic goddess then it must be the Goddess of Meanness and Stupidity, one for each gun barrel:

Can you imagine walking around wearing such a ridiculous sweatshirt emblazoned with a Sarah Palin saying? Another member of the Cult of the Brainwashed:

Straight from the hating racist hearts who are actually speaking the truth about themselves. Clever they are not. These days the Ku Klux Klan (KKK for hip short) is parading around without their white hoods:

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