27 January 2010

Funny Video: The Daily Show Declares Scott Brown the 45th President of The United States

From Denny: Sometimes, Jon hits the nail on the head. You would think a political party, the Democrats, that has done so much on a serious level for the vulnerable members of society in the way of health care, civil rights and more would have been paying attention to this Senate race, choosing a more warm and fuzzy candidate than Cold Coakley.

It's too easy when a political party gets a good amount of success to just start taking things for granted and get so lazy as to take their eyes off the proper focus: listening to the voters!

From cheeky snarky Jon: Voters in Massachusetts this week elected Republican Scott Brown to the Senate, ending the Democratic super majority. And even if you're a liberal, you've got to agree the Democrats were a little out of control with all that power.

In just a short time they managed to push through universal health care, gay marriage, legalized marijuana, mandatory abortion clinics in every church, putting Che Guevara on Mt. Rushmore and replacing the Second Amendment with a recipe for organic vegan arugula casserole. Thanks for reining them in, Massachusetts.

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