30 January 2010

Outrageous: Editorial Cartoons This Week 30 Jan 2010

From Denny: This has been an interesting week. The State of the Union address by President Obama basically summed up how the Republicans have been screwing over the entire country in every aspect of our lives and how much fun the Republicans have had screwing over Prez Obama at every turn while he continues to be inclusive and gracious to them.

Let's see, then our very own highest court in the land decided to screw over the American people by letting loose the floodgates of the greedy Big Business monopolies to fund elections and completely control the politicians elected. Granted, the corrupt basically control most of the politicians, all of the Republicans and far too many of the Democrats.

And the most recent group to get screwed over? The print publishing industry. Those adorable hold-in-your-hand books may soon be no more. Why anyone is shocked is the surprise. Come on; we all grew up on Star Trek and Sy-Fy spin-off shows where they featured hand-held computers and digital books decades before computers were any smaller than a football field, filling whole cavernous rooms like over at NASA. Of course, comparing Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, to God is a bit of a stretch - OK, it's downright creepy. :)

Take a look and chuckle for the day at how the cartoonists responded to this week's news stories:

Obama's State of the Union:

The Obama Scream vs. Big Banks

Screwed by the Supreme Court that is supposed to guard our liberties:

And the latest tech toy the iPad:

Can it be the death of print books as we know it?

OK, this one is a little scary...

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