26 January 2010

Funny Video: Colbert Says Obama Is Doing Nothing and Destroying Everything

From Denny: Turn on the radio; turn on the TV and you get blasted with the usual lying drivel passed off as truth in politics. Everyone has an agenda and no one more so for promoting lies to make money than the Republicans and their sycophants.

So-called "conservative" pundits like the outrageous Sean Hannity and downright odd Glenn Beck keep complaining that Prez Obama is a "President who does nothing." Then they turn around and go the complete opposite direction, a swing of 180 degrees, and declare that Obama is also "actively doing everything he can to destroy the country." Uh... talk about double-speak and double-mindedness. Like Colbert says, "Here I thought Obama was supposed to unite us, but he can't even get these guys to agree with themselves."

The round about Colbert cheeky defense of President Obama while targeting the naysayers who are so bizarre they make no sense whatsoever:

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