28 January 2013

Ouch Outrageous: Funniest 2012 Political Meme

From Denny:  This is so hauntingly true in its laugh out loud quality.

What is more perplexing is that news outlets like CNN still employ this woman-cruel Bozo clown as an "expert."  Expert on what?  He's a history professor that got elected to the House and strong-armed his way into becoming Republican Speaker among far lesser minds.

His personal life is a real mess, littered with abused wives he cheated on and lied about to each other and in the media.  He's famous for dragging one mistress along with him to meet the current wife while he delivers divorce papers, slapping them onto her bandaged chest as she is wheeled out of double breast surgery and still groggy from anesthesia.  Yeah, Newtie is a real prince.  What is more amazing is that there actually exists at least three women willing to sleep with him.

During his time as Republican House Speaker he crafted a diabolical strategy and made a power play to impeach both a sitting President and his Vice President (Bill Clinton and Al Gore) so that as Speaker he could advance to become an unelected President.

That effort severely backfired and forced him to step down as Speaker and out of politics - until he ran for President in 2012, losing miserably.  "Do Ya Think?" that might have to do with his terrible attitude toward women and women's issues?  Newt Gingrich is America's biggest joke and will go down in history with that sticky label forever.

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