01 May 2010

American Culture of Oprah, The Mob, Sex Talks, Morality, Free Speech and Diet: Political Cartoons 1 May 2010

From Denny: Nothing like a crazy slew of snapshot conversations in America, well, these cartoonists seem to capture the heart of it! The drumbeat in America has been to wake up people to the suffering of other Americans right in their midst - something they can actually do about it with little effort. There is a reference to the SEC fools who spent all their days at work looking at porno sites instead of doing their jobs to oversee the financial sector. Talk about a warm body in the chair but nobody home enforcing the law.

There's a new unauthorized biography out from notable gossip columnist Kitty Kelley about Oprah. I bet Oprah is just thrilled. The Big However is that her anger is really not justified considering she makes her living off asking intimate personal questions in her interviews. She pokes and prods people to get out juicy gossip details that she craves to know. So, the fact that Lady Karma has paid a visit to her door is turn about fair play from the look of it. Oprah has made billions of dollars enabling a lot of drama queens and kings to get their 15 minutes of fame. It was only a matter of time before someone wrote about her intimate life.

With all the obesity studies out on children there is a rallying cry across America to create healthier diets for us all. There was even a recent military study that said many of the applicants were too fat and out of shape to qualify for military service. Bet there are a lot of kids out there shoving yet another Twinkie into their mouths just to avoid military service.

And, of course, there is the ever present complaining about a lack of free speech in this country. That's total nonsense. If that were true there would be no conservative radio talk shows allowed and yet they proliferate on the air waves to the tune of 91% of the talk show circuit is made up of their lying blather.

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