13 May 2010

Funny Video: Cover Up Your Sex Scandal With A New Batch Of Euphemisms

Photo by tansan @ flickr

From Denny: Well, here you have it with the comics laughing about how the religious hypocrites just keep on giving to the world of comedy. Recently, Protestant minister, George Rekers, was caught in a gay prostitute scandal. Of course, this guy is publicly homophobic and a political crusader against homosexuals.

Also, he has been found to be traveling with a young muscled guy from Rentboy.com. Rekers claimed it's a reputable site and he hired the guy to carry his luggage. You see Rekers also claims that since some mysterious unnamed operation he was rendered unable to "carry his luggage." Well, you know, Kimmel - and any other self-respecting comic - ran with that euphemism! Watch as Kimmel creates yet new euphemisms to mislead and confuse the public... :)

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