08 May 2010

Times Square Terrorist Bomber: Political Cartoons 8 May 2010

Photo by I'm Fantastic @ flickr

From Denny: No matter what is going on in America and the world our cartoonists manage to create comments that expose the hypocrisy of politicians or the insanity of a latest trend. Insanity at its worst and most destructive to society is terrorism. Of course, the true heroes here were just a couple of regular guys who noticed something was amiss and alerted police to investigate. A great cartoon celebrating them really says it all.

Like so many people I have no sympathy for terrorists, especially when, like this one, they were so insensitive to place a bomb outside a gathering place for children. How cowardly can you get? If they want to truly protest a government then they would target military installations not civilian.

Of course, none of this is really about protesting but rather about being criminals and psychopaths who enjoy killing. There's a reason why here in the West we don't intermarry with our first cousins and our sisters like the Middle East still practices to this day from a centuries old custom. It's called inbreeding that creates insanity. Too small of a gene pool really explains the Middle Eastern issues.

The Middle East problems will never get resolved until their governments get serious about instituting programs to widen their gene pool for the next generations. Either that or the West had better start researching a new sanity bomb that does not kill but rather releases a gas to spread out into the entire population to right their brain chemicals. Can you see the cartoons on that idea? :)

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