22 May 2010

Outrageous: Graduation Debt Cartoons - 22 May 2010

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From Denny: All across America this month thousands of college kids are graduating into a weaker than rain water job market. The joke is when the dean hands the graduate his new diploma it's shaped like a stick of dynamite and with a lit fuse. The dean shakes the hand of the new graduate and says, "Congratulations! By the way, you now owe $120,000. Good luck on figuring out how to pay your bills. Have a nice life."

This is the first generation to be saddled with so much outrageous debt when they graduate. It's like paying a house note and you are homeless. They can thank President Bush and how he dumped all the student loan programs. What that did is throw all the college expenses back into the laps of middle class parents. And people voted Republican... why???

Bush threw all kinds of expenses onto the backs of the middle class and back to the local levels. He took away so much shared financing from a centralized government that people are taxed up to their eyeballs on the local and state levels. But hey, the Republicans are all for lower taxes. Who in the world is actually dumb enough to believe that crazy mantra anymore after the economy has demonstrated otherwise?

Everyone in America should have a reasonable expectation of receiving a college degree at a reasonable cost. The only way for America to pull out of the math and science cellar is to get serious about the importance of education. It's time we start finding ways to pay for the middle class to go to school - without incurring so much debt before they even get started on their careers.

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