17 February 2011

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Mubarak Speech in Egypt

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From Denny: Jon Stewart chides Mubarak in his insincere speech trying to stay in power while the protesters rejected his appeal.  He also discusses the news as it unfolded in Egypt, going from a peaceful revolution to a violent one as the Mubarak forces came in to beat the protesters.

Foreign journalists like CNN's Anderson Cooper were beaten and harassed continually by the corrupt police.  Anderson was punched in the face 10 times by a mob of Mubarak thugs.  Christiane Amanpour experienced a mob rocking her car back and forth to try and overturn it.  Brian Williams got kicked in the privates for his efforts to cover the news.

Man, if I were Williams' sister I'd hop a plane to Egypt and take a baseball bat to the offenders in their privates and see how they liked it.  Then I'd get in a fast car and run down Christiane's tormentors and take some brass knuckles to the creeps who went after Anderson.  Anyone have some great ideas of what to do to the vile scum that raped a CBS news reporter?  Let's all think of the most outrageous punishment for those 200 "brave" fools who thought it funny to gang rape a woman.  Make sure it qualifies for the outrageous category.

Of course, my main question is this, "Why in the hell did the news networks not provide Special Forces security for all these reporters?"   They were foreigners walking into mob situations.  Just how cheap - or naive - are these network owners and producers?

Comic Aasif Mandvi makes like a reporter in Egypt - while not being in Egypt - reporting on the Egypt Revolution from the safety of the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C.:

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