16 June 2009

Outrageous Category: Calvin Klein Billboard Depicts Threesome Orgy!

*** Have been working on changing the blog templates on all the 12 blogs and am just now getting caught up on the daily posts. Apologies to everyone looking for a new post this weekend. Check back a few days to make sure you didn't miss anything funny!

From Denny: Here's the latest wild and crazy from my sarcastic funny friend, Christoph, over at his blog The Crusty Curmudgeon!

Here's an excerpt from his article:

"Here in the orgiastic but not depraved offices of The Curmudgeon, we often engage in orgies, but I speak not of the sexcapades of a group of people as we know the term today, but in it’s ancient sense of secret, late-night meetings. Since I am the boss here, I suppose that makes me the orgiophant (a teacher or revealer of secret rites.) We had such a meeting just late last night, where we discussed….orgies. Specifically, orgies – in this case a threesome – depicted in advertising.

Here’s the beef (cake): Calvin Klien has unveiled a new, giant billboard in N.Y.C. depicting 3 persons in various stages of undress – except for their Calvin’s, of course – who appear as if they are about to engage in behavior which some might find objectionable. In other words, they’re about to get it on."

For the rest of this funny criticique just click on the title link!

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