17 June 2009

Ouch Category: 5 Funny Unfortunate Website Names

Photo by kmevans @ flickr

From Denny: Where does Christoph find this stuff??? :) There is nothing funnier than the truth!

Here's an excerpt from his wild article:

"Here in the inquisitive offices of the Curmudgeon, we trudge through the sewage of the Internet so you, lucky readers, do not have to. We pull out just the interesting stuff, was it off, spray it with some sanitizer and bring it to you. That is how we found ourselves wearing our virtual hip waders and sloshing through AOL where we came upon the following item: these 5 unfortunately named websites, whose names say more than was intended.

It makes you wonder who made up these names in the first place and ponder how much they got paid to do it, for you or I could surely do it better. Without further jabbering from me, lets get started.


Do they want us to go to Tahoe or hire a prostitute? They both can relieve tension I’m told. I’ve been to Tahoe and it is, without a doubt very nice, but this time I think I’ll go ta hoe."

For the other outrageous 5 sites he mentions, just click on the title link to take you to the article! Tell me what you think!

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