20 July 2009

This Week: Roundup of Sunday Funnies - Biden Licks the Plates

From Denny: Here's the latest on the late night show funnies, enjoy!

Photo by Tansan @ flickr

The Late Show With David Letterman

David Letterman:
[Former Vice President Dick Cheney's] speech went over pretty well. I mean, Cheney was interrupted five times by applause and 50 times by people screaming, "Stop! I'll tell you everything! What do you want to know?"

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon:
Michelle Obama's on the cover of Time magazine this week. She says she has dinner with a Barack and the kids every night, and then -- oh, it's so cute -- Joe Biden jumps up and tries to lick the plates.

The Colbert Report

David Letterman:
The C.I.A. fired back, saying, "It is not our policy or practice to mislead Congress." It's true. Sometimes they just get lucky.

Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart:
[President Obama] opened with some familiar rhetoric.

President Obama: Keeping American people safe, it's the first thing I think about when I wake up.

Former President Bush: I wake up every day thinking about how I can best protect America.

Obama: You can't count on a surrender ceremony.

Bush: There will be no surrender ceremony.

Obama: To disrupt, dismantle, defeat al Qaeda.

Bush: To disrupt and destroy terrorists.

Stewart: I love it when he does all the Bush covers.

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