18 July 2009

Video: 3 of 9 Worst Products of All Time - BumpIts, Hair Volumizing Inserts

From Denny: Apparently, the fashionistas are declaring that flat hair is no longer fashionable this year. Instead of stressing the hair by teasing it to create "big hair" like they have loved in Texas over the decades - whether it was in or out of fashion - you can now place an insert under the hair area to bump it out for the desired effect.

So, now, instead of teasing your hair and getting split ends and broken hair shafts mid-way up your hair style - now you can rip your hair out from the roots as your scalp goes bald from the inserts' combs digging into your scalp. Hey! Sounds like a great trade-off to me! Fashion hurts, people! You have to pay to play! :)

Hair, Beauty, Scalp, Fashion, Health, Big hair, Shopping, split ends, teasing, Texas

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