25 July 2009

Video: 9 of 9 Worst Products of All Time - Aroma Trim

From Denny: It seems like the last product trumps the next one. Does it get any worse? There are definitely some really strange folks out in the world today. You wonder if they come up with these products while on an acid trip. What is even weirder is that someone is actually willing to manufacture these products and then another group willing to promote them. It must be a mass hallucination or hypnosis going on to get these to market!

The elderly woman promoting this product looks like an aging Hollywood grifter. "Sniff this product and you will stay on your diet and never crave food again" is their claim. Ya know what else gets the same result? Cocaine. Makes you wonder what's in this product... Oh, BTW, these folks in the video are all just sniffing a piece of plastic. Talk about selling by the power of suggestion!

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