23 July 2009

Video: 7 of 9 Worst Products of All Time - Facial Flex Exerciser

From Denny: OK, I need to create a Creepy Category because this really is! Ewwww! Definitely one of those kinds of bizarre devices the S & M fetish folks would perversely enjoy...

These ad people must be getting paid a lot of money to promote this weirdness. Conversation when ad guy comes home at night for dinner, wife calls out from the kitchen, "Hi, honey! What did you do today at work?" Husband calls back, "Oh, nothing really special, just promoting some exercise equipment to a chain of fetish stores. What's for dinner?"

Save yourself the $30 and just put on the TV, watch a funny movie and laugh a lot - same muscles they are claiming to exercise!

Adult, Fetishes, Kids and Teens, weird ads, Sexuality, Exercise equipment, Fitness, funny video

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